Best herbs for depression, stress, herbs for anxiety, and stress work as well–often better–than prescription medications.

You want to be sure that the company  for herbal sources is reliable, stands behind its product, and thoroughly explains the ingredients used in their herbal remedies, as well as the amounts of each herb used.

The natural depression herbs above are non-addictive, create no harmful side-effects and are FDA registered.  Find out more specifics about depression and herbs here.

Herbal remedies for stress provide a sense of calm and relaxation without side-effects such as grogginess, lack of energy, or lack of focus.  With recent advances in herbal supplements and their advantages it makes sense for most people to try an herbal stress product instead of a prescription drug.

An herbal “medicine” for stress such as PureCalm is safe, effective, and 100% natural. Learn more about its ingredients and how it soothes away stress here.

Anxiety herbs are also effective.  The proper mixture of herbs result in an anti-anxiety supplement that promotes calm and relaxation. Herbal remedies for anxiety also work very well for panic attacks.  For most people, they can abandon their prescription medications for their anxiety and replace it with an herbal remedy for anxiety.

It truly is possible to relieve your anxiety and panic symptoms without the use of drugs. GAD, SAD, anxiety attacks, phobias are all treatable with the use of anti-anxiety herbs.

Are Herbal Supplements Safe?

Absolutely! Herbs have been used to help with physical and mental health for thousands of years.  Herbal supplements are the precursor to modern prescription medications. Millions of people around the world still utilize herbs and natural substances to cure a variety of ills, with wondrous effects. 

(Not all herbal supplements are made the same though. Careful scrutiny should be given to where the product is made and the consistency of the ingredients.)

Why are Herbals Effective?

Many of the compounds in herbal supplements provide or mimic the same reactions that prescription drugs do. They are a natural alternative to the synthetic drugs in prescription medications.

In many cases, an herbal supplement or compound may be just as effective as a prescription drug. That may not always be the case as much depends upon your physiology and the extent of your anxiety disorder or stress level.

“Herbal supplements work for many individuals with anxiety disorders, depression and stress problems because they enable a physical relaxation effect that subsequently allows the mind to slow down, clear up, and think more rationally. I have patients who use them and are truly amazed with the results.”
Dr. David L. Thomas, Ph.D, LMHC
Managing Director

Whitford-Thomas Group, Tampa FL

Disorders are becoming more and more common in modern life. It is estimated that up to 8.5% of the population has suffered from a diagnosable Mood Disorder, while many more people struggle with uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Prescription drugs are too often the treatment of choice for the vast majority of people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Physicians may all too often be too quick to prescribe anxiety drugs that may be habit forming, have side effects, and may leave one physically drained. Further, patients are not always properly educated as to the dangers of long term use.

Herbs and herbal formulas are natural and homeopathic and work naturally with the body’s chemistry.

Please learn more about what an herbal supplement may do for you.

Another all-natural way to relax, soothe stress, and relieve anxiety is Progressive Relaxation/Deep Muscle Relaxation Exercises. With no drugs or supplements of any kind you may find that this relaxation method my provide you with relief that you seek. Go here to learn more.